A delegation led by leaders of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee of the People's Republic of China conducted a survey on Zhejiang Wanglin Biotechnology

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2023-04-10 13:10

On July 16, 2020, a delegation led by Ji Yongqiang, the full-time deputy chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the People's Republic of China, visited Zhejiang Wanglin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to guide work, investigate the impact of the epidemic on the enterprise, and provide suggestions for solving difficulties and difficulties for the enterprise.

In the company conference room, the research team listened to Wang Fang, the person in charge of the enterprise, about the overview of the enterprise during the epidemic. We acknowledge the actions and courage of the enterprise leaders and encourage them to have confidence. The Provincial Committee of Civil Construction will unwaveringly stand with member enterprises, overcome difficulties together, and fully support and serve the enterprises.

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