Business Cooperation

Zhejiang Wanglin Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd. was established in December,2014.Specialized in food grade Vegetable Carbon Black E153,Charcoal Powder for cosmetics (Bamboo charcoal powder, Binchotan charcoal powder,Activated coconut charcoal powder,Oak charcoal powder etc),Microned fruit & vegetable powder. lt is the first certified professional producer of vegetable carbon black E153(Production license number: SC20133088100266)in China.

We have a professional R&D team, advanced production facilities, beautiful environment of the factory,GMP workshop and professional testing equipment. Bulk products have been exported to the EU,Russia,Isreal, Mid-East,Japan, Korea,India,Indonesia,Singapore,Thailand, Malaysia,Brazil,Taiwan and other countries/regions,etc.

The company has obtained ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO22000,ISO45001,FSSC22000,KOFKosher,MUI Halal,Jakim Halal certificates.

Vegetable Carbon Black E153, Charcoal Powder(Bamboo charcoal powder,Binchotan charcoal powder,Activated coconut charcoal powder, etc ) can be used for food, health products, pharmaceuticals,cosmetics ,feeds and other industries.
Zhejiang Wanglin Bio-Tech Co., Ltd hope to co-operate with you in near future.


Advantages of franchise agency

1.0 yuan franchise agency policy support
2. Marketing Campaign Support
3. System training support
4. Distributors enjoy a first tier agency price, providing them with sufficient profit margin.
5. Support for one item shipping, with zero inventory and no advance payment for distributors, making it easy to earn price differences


Franchise agency conditions

1. Recognize the quality and continuous improvement ability of Zhejiang Wanglin Biotechnology Co., Ltd.'s "Wanglin" brand plant carbon black
2. There are no records of personal or legal entity violations of bad business practices in the local market regulatory and tax departments
3. Possess a proactive and pioneering spirit, as well as a team spirit of win-win cooperation
4. Those engaged in the food additive industry or related industries