Plant carbon black is an insoluble colorant

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2023-04-10 11:50

Plant carbon black is an insoluble colorant and is typically used in the form of a suspension. Mainly used in candies, usually as a masking agent. Nicknames: plant black, plant charcoal, carbon black, edible carbon black, natural melanin Properties: black powdery particles, odorless, tasteless, insoluble in water and organic solvents. Preparation method: Made from plant trunks and shells by carbonization. Usage: Baked food/grain and grain products/dairy products/sugar and sugared food/candy/ice for decoration and coating.
Mainly used for coloring food and beverages, widely used for coloring frozen beverages, jellies, flavored fermented milk, beverages, canned goods, candy coatings, etc.

Carbon black

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