Notice on Holding the Launch and Seminar of the Cosmetics Industry Standard "Cosmetic Raw Material Carbon Powder"

Release time:

2023-04-10 13:21

According to the Notice on Issuing the Second Batch of Industry Standard Formulation, Revision, and Foreign Language Version Project Plan in 2018 issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology [2018] No. 31, the cosmetics industry standard "Cosmetic Raw Material Carbon Powder" drafted by Zhejiang Wanglin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has been officially approved. In order to improve the quality of standard formulation work and in accordance with the requirements of the work schedule, the Secretariat of the Cosmetics Standardization Committee has decided to hold a standard initiation and first technical seminar work meeting. Meeting time: 9:00 am on October 12, 2018. Location: Meeting Room of Zhejiang Wanglin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The relevant meeting agenda and personnel from participating units will be notified separately.

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