Wang Fang, Chairman of Zhejiang Wanglin Biotechnology, was honored as one of the first batch of model women in Quzhou to achieve common prosperity

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2023-04-10 13:01

Recently, the Quzhou Women's Federation announced the list of the first batch of pacesetters for common prosperity in Quzhou City, and Wang Fang, chairman of Zhejiang Wanglin Biotechnology Co., Ltd., was prominently listed.

In order to deeply implement the action plan of promoting high-quality development and building a marginal common prosperity demonstration zone in four provinces, focusing on the high-quality development of the industry, and focusing on the general requirements of expanding the middle and lowering the reform, the Municipal Women's Federation launched the "Millions of Marginal Prosperity" action. Through the selection of 100 pacesetters for common prosperity and the formation of a mentor group for common prosperity, it will increase the motivation for common prosperity and stimulate the entrepreneurial vitality of female officers; Through the selection of 100 women's common prosperity bases, the integration of women's federation resources and social resources, the absorption and cultivation of entrepreneurial advisory groups, entrepreneurial help groups and other teams, giving play to the role of "women" common prosperity bases, radiation to drive more urban and rural women entrepreneurship and employment.

Wang Fang, Chairman of Zhejiang Wanglin Biotechnology Co., Ltd

In 1999, he graduated from Quzhou Normal School majoring in preschool teacher and entered Shichengguan Kindergarten in the same year.

In 2004, he resigned and founded Jiangshan Luyi Bamboo Charcoal Company.

At the end of 2015, he and her husband invested in the establishment of Zhejiang Wanglin Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

From a preschool teacher to an industry benchmark in the field of bamboo charcoal processing, the two ventures have turned the enterprise from zero to the current export sales of 20 million yuan, Wang Fang highlights the unique charm of Zhejiang women's entrepreneurship and innovation.

Zhejiang Wanglin Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise, a national forestry standardization demonstration enterprise, the main drafting unit of the "Raw Materials for Cosmetics Charcoal Powder" standard, specializes in the research and development, production and sales of food and drug grade plant carbon black, cosmetic carbon powder, edible plant ultrafine powder, etc. Domestic certified professional production enterprise, production license number: SC20133088100266. The company's main products are vegetable carbon black, cosmetic charcoal powder (bamboo charcoal powder, bichang charcoal powder, coconut shell activated carbon powder, etc.), fruits and vegetables and medicinal and food homologous ultrafine powder.

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