After the on-site audit of Jiangshan COVID-19 epidemic prevention headquarters, Zhejiang Wanglin Biotechnology will resume production on February 10

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2023-04-10 13:12

After the on-site audit of Jiangshan COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention Headquarters, 8 enterprises including Zhejiang Wanglin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. were approved to take the lead in resuming production on February 10, 2020. The company will follow the requirements of the command center, do a good job in scientific epidemic prevention, and ensure an orderly resumption of work! At present, relevant epidemic prevention materials such as epidemic masks, forehead temperature guns, 75% disinfected alcohol, 84 disinfected water, etc. are in sufficient stock, and the factory environment disinfection and sterilization work is progressing in an orderly manner! It is expected that the first batch of goods exported to Spain after the holiday will be shipped smoothly around February 20th.

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